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BKA 1 month ago

"Professional Scamers"

Not to say much, this company is claiming to be an oil company as stated in their registration document however, they pose to the general public that they are fund managers.

They claim to give the investor 8% returns on investment with every day and the investor can withdraw both profit and capital.

The system was running smoothly which gave a lot of people confidence likewise myself to invest more and also refer others to join..
Without any notice the company locked up investors fund in the pool and you can't withdraw anything more.

In my personal experience, after contacting the support for some days to enable me to withdraw, they asked to to get a withdrawal identity card at an additional cost of 100 USD. I directed the company to use part of my fund in the pool to pay the card but they refused.

Some friends who took additional risk to pay the 100 USD for the withdrawal card were to wait for additional days days for their card. After the card had arrived, their withdrawal is still pending and nobody can tell what will be the next demand from them.

This is a scam alart, investors must be careful not to put their funds in this company. They will soon fold up.


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